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artist statement

Through an investigation of popular culture, I find that there are waves of influence that both reflect and define the social climate. By using a collage of imagery and drawing materials, I create cultural landscapes that reflect influences from society and explore the energy surrounding popular phenomenon.

My work explores how those waves of influence are represented in popular culture. I draw as a form of activism through redefinition. Displacing imagery and meaning, I reincorporate them into my landscapes. In my drawings, I use multiple mediums such as pastel, charcoal, acrylic, ink, oil, etc. By using different combinations of mediums and subject matter, I create layered works with different textures and colors that have a graphic quality. The most important part of my process is in the line work. The opacity of black ink pulls each medium onto the same plane. It is unforgiving and unapologetic. It cannot be removed and is difficult to cover up. Its unworkable quality forces me to stop and look.

I find that video and sound work are powerful tools for expression in the twenty-first century. Sound, especially, has agency in a space and creates an environment. Video conveys reality in a way that involves the viewer. In my video and sound installations, I create environments that explore facets of popular culture as seen and heard through screens.

As a generation of digital communicators, I use these elements of culture to communicate to a larger audience. In this way, the viewer’s preexisting thoughts and opinions play into the work, allowing for redefinition through collaboration.

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